The Italian Supply Chain

“We believe that, what really makes the difference, in the processing of our products, is to follow step by step each phase of the processing. Everything starts from a flower and reach your hands.”


Our supply chain makes us special.

Daily we commit ourselves to studying and testing new and efficient products to offer the best, always respecting nature.


We strongly believe in natural and organic ingredients, good for you and not damaging the environment.

We ourselves take care of everything, we grow the lavender, shell it by hand, realize and follow the product in each aspect, from the idea to the sale.

How to buy

Find out how and where to buy our products.

Trademarks and certifications

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Living Giardini & co. srl

Living Giardini & co. srl

La Lavanda del Lago was born in 2009.
Although the company is relatively young, the values on which it is based are healthy, true, of other times.



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