Bio Pet - Disaccustoming
A natural olfactory barrier
Bio Pet - Shampoo
Its highly moisturizing special formulation respects the natural PH of the coat.
Bio Pet - Lozione Antiodore
A fantastic natural sanitizing product that protects the coat, respecting its natural PH.
Butter - Balsamic Relief
Here is the most useful 100% natural remedy ever in the winter season!
Ambient Spray - Balsamic Relief
A fresh fragrance with balsamic notes that helps to clear the respiratory tract.
After bite roll-on
a mixture of organic oils that gives an immediate soothing to the bites of insects.
Anti-mosquito air freshener
It keeps mosquitoes and insects away for a long time.
Air of Lake Ulivo non flammable
The Lavender of the Lake fragrance
Mosquitoes and Insects Spray
hanks to the active action of the organic substances contained, it keeps mosquitoes and insects away for a long time.
Non-flammable Lago Rose air
The Lavender of the Lake fragrance
Hand Sanitizing Gel 100ml
Ready-to-use sanitizing and refreshing gel for instant and effective cleaning of hands without water.
Giada - Sanitizing Perfume
for fabrics and environments
Lavender Sanitizer 220ml
To sanitize and perfume all textile surfaces

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Living Giardini & co. srl

Living Giardini & co. srl

La Lavanda del Lago was born in 2009.
Although the company is relatively young, the values on which it is based are healthy, true, of other times.



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