Quarzo - Perfumed Water
With notes of bergamot and sweet woods
Liquid soap Lavender
Designed for all skin types, it cleanses deeply leaving the skin soft and protected.
Mix for omelette
With Herbs and Lavender Flowers
Neutral deodorant
fresh and fragrant armpits all day long
Rosemary body scrub soap
The cold body scrub soap helps giving the skin a smoother, more luminous and homogeneous appearance.
Tired leg gel
It gives instant relief to tired legs.
Decorated soap Lavanda del Lago
Delicate on the skin, it leaves a pleasant fragrance
Owl shaped soap
Delicate on the skin, it leaves a pleasant fragrance
It has a soothing, relaxing, tonic, antiseptic and decongestant function
Tile bar soap
Delicate on the skin, it leaves a pleasant fragrance
Milk + Tonic
Moisturizing and Soothing
Luce Spray
Dry oil with glitter
Purifying Face Mask
For oily and impure skin
Lavender Body Scrub
Revitalizes your skin, making it soft and radiant.

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Living Giardini & co. srl

Living Giardini & co. srl

La Lavanda del Lago was born in 2009.
Although the company is relatively young, the values on which it is based are healthy, true, of other times.



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