LAVANDA DEL LAGO and Grape Hand cream
It performs a moisturizing, emollient and at the same time protective function.
Lavender Air freshener 100ml
The fragrance Lavanda del Lago.
Lavender Air freshener 250ml
The fragrances Lavanda del Lago
Non-flammable grape sanitizer
Sanitize and perfume all textile surfaces.
Seasoning for fish
Ideal as a condiment for fish
Giada - Perfumed water
With notes of iris and rosewood
Depurative cold soap with healing, emollient and elasticizing function.
Lavender sanitizer non flammable
Sanitize and perfume all textile surfaces.
Organic Day/night Face cream
It prevents from dry face skin and gives it elasticity, leaving it delicately perfumed.
Intimate Wash
Refreshing for intimate hygiene
Air freshener Lavender and Olive 100ml
Delicate and talc scented fragrance.
Monoi - Perfumed Water
With notes of Monoi from Tahiti
Car perfume
The fragrance LAVANDA DEL LAGO to perfume your car.
Lavender and Citrus Fruit Bath salts
Support for your health and wellbeing
Opale - Perfumed water
With notes of gardenia, magnolia, sweet woods
Lavender and Olive Bath salts
Support for your health and wellbeing
Lavender and Rose Bath Salts
Support for your health and well-being

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Living Giardini & co. srl

Living Giardini & co. srl

La Lavanda del Lago was born in 2009.
Although the company is relatively young, the values on which it is based are healthy, true, of other times.



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